Small-Cap Value

Our Small-Cap Value strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation through the application of a robust body of academic research focused in Behavioral Finance with two goals of seeking to generate stable, consistent alpha by using key information signals and by managing risk at or below its benchmark, the Russell 2000® Value Index.

Our investment strategy is based on the academic research of Dr. David Ikenberry. His findings suggest that there are predictable movements in stock prices. These movements are the possible result of inefficiencies in investor reaction to important corporate decisions. This suggests that investors underreact to important announcements such as stock repurchase, insider activity and dividend policy changes. These events, coupled with fundamental corporate valuation signals, may outperform the broader market over time.

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Small Company (small-cap) investments involve stocks of companies with smaller levels of market capitalizations (generally less than $3 billion) than larger company stocks (large-cap). Small-cap investments are subject to considerable price fluctuations and are more volatile than large company stocks. Investors should consider the additional risks involved in small cap investments.

It is not possible to invest directly in an index.