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Gregory D. Cozad, CFP®

Mary McGrath, CPA, CFP®
Stuart Meacham, CPA, ChFC®

Founded in 1972, Cozad Asset Management, Inc. provides the highest quality professional and personalized financial services and advice to individuals, families and institutional investors throughout the country. Our client-focused approach allows Cozad professionals to fully understand each client’s personal financial situation, including investments, tax and insurance and to satisfy individual financial objectives and achieve long-term goals. Many clients find Cozad’s specialized composites to be excellent additions to their portfolios.


Our Expertise


Asset Management

We design solutions to achieve each client’s unique financial goals while aligning with the client’s investing preferences, risk tolerance, and holistic financial picture.

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Investment Portfolios

Our portfolio managers bring specialized expertise to a variety of asset classes and aim to provide superior risk-adusted performance.

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Financial Planning & Other Services

In our comprehensive wealth management review, we strive to understand your inventory of assets and liabilities, your cash inflows and outflows and how taxes come into play.

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